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Vickers pumps

Vickers stock of pumps and valvesVickers Pumps, Vane Pumps and Valves

We stock the complete range of standard Vickers pumps including the PVB5RSY21C11, PVB10RSY40C11, PVB15RSY40C11, PVB20RS20C11, PVB29RS20C11, PVB45FRSF10C10.

Plus the Vickers PVH range: PVH57QICRF1S10C25V31, PVH74QICRSF1S10C2531, PVH98QICRAF13S10C2531, PVH131QICRSF13S11C2531, the Vickers PVQ range: PVQ10A2RSE1S10C2112, PVQ13A2RSE1S20C1412, PVQ20B2RSE1S21C1, PVQ32B2RSE1S21C1.

Vickers pump to spec

If we don't have the exact Vickers pump on the shelf it doesn't matter, as we keep all the shafts, end covers and compensators so we can usually build the Vickers pumps to your specification.

vickers pump v10

Vickers Vane Pumps

We also keep the full range of single vane pumps and tandem vane pumps, including the 20V, 25V, 35V, 45V, 2520V, 3525V, 3520V, 4535V, V10, V20, V2010 and V2020 Vickers pumps and everything in between!
The pressure compensated vane pumps in the VVS and VVP range can also be supplied, generally in 2 to 3 days.

We can also supply the equivalent to all of the vane units in our Metaris range, just ask us if you want to compare prices.

Vickers Valves

vickers valveWe also stock the full range of Vickers valves including cetop 3, cetop 5, cetop 7 , cetop 8 and cetop 10, including DCV directional control valves, pilot valves and system stack valves, for example DG4V36CMUA660, DG4V52AMUH620, DG5S5, DG5VH8, DG5S410, DGMC, DGMX25, DGMPC, DGMFN and DGMR.

Vickers hydraulic valves

We stock non cetop manifold mounted valves too, such as the EURG1, 4CG & XCG range of Vickers valves, plus threaded, pipe mounted Vickers valves for example ECT06, ECT10, 4CT, XCT & C175 hydraulic pressure valves and flow control valves.

Vickers Range of Products

pvb vickers pump pvh vickers pumps vickers pump series 1 vickers pump series 2
  vickers pump v2010 vickers valves  

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